Welcome to the new Litchfield Neurofeedback website.  Formerly known as Sherman Hill Center, it was time for a name change now that I am no longer located in Woodbury, CT on Sherman Hill Road.  Having moved my practice to Litchfield seven years ago next month, I thought it was about time to rename it more appropriately. 


So now it will be know as Litchfield Neurofeedback. Those of you who know me and my work, will understand that the emphasis in my professional efforts over the past twelve years has been the integration of neurofeedback techniques and interventions in dealing with problem situations that people bring to my office.


While I still do individual psychotherapy, couple’s counseling, and play therapy with children, the use of neurofeedback has gradually become more fundamental to my practice.  I have seen the results that this technology can produce and am evermore fascinated by how the brain works.  I am encouraged to be able to address difficulties more organically and approach problems that didn’t yield to more customary mental health approaches.


If I am talking about a subject you are unfamiliar with, please visit my FAQs page and learn more.


I am pleased to be a part of this growing and alternative field that is building on the advances in brain research and offering treatment options for conditions that have been difficult or impossible to alleviate. 


If you have more questions, please contact me through the Contact Page or call my office at 860-567-0852

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Litchfield Neurofeedback