Neurofeedback Therapy Reviews

Neurofeedback Therapy Testimonials

Litchfield, CT
I have known Mr. Pavlick for a significant number of years socially, and recently became aware that he was trained in Neurofeedback. After having reviewed his website, I became intrigued with the potential of the Neurofeedback process. Having been an insomniac my entire life, I decided to try Neurofeedback to see if it would lessen my sleep deprivation. To my quick surprise, my sleep started sooner, became longer and more restful, all within a few sessions. My mind is much calmer when falling asleep and when I wake during the night, I fall back to sleep much faster, and with less tossing and turning. Over the years, I have been told the best way to fall asleep quickly was to “not think about anything when trying to sleep”. However, not thinking about anything is in fact thinking about something, and it didn’t work, at least for me. Now with Neurofeedback, when trying to sleep, my mind is clear, nearly blank, and doesn’t think about anything, without any conscious effort.

This carries over onto my day to day activities and work. I am able to deal with life’s daily issues in a much more relaxed and mindful state, making decisions easier, with clear and more intense focus. Problems are easier to solve, unexpected stress is much more manageable, and I deal more effectively with situations that are truly beyond my control. I can enjoy the true benefits and blessings that I have with my family, and significantly reduce the day to day trials and tribulations everyone experiences each day. My quality of life has taken a large step up. Although it is said you win some and lose some, Neurofeedback has changed this to you win most and lose few.

As an additional, and unexpected benefit, I find that my exercise recovery is faster and with less delayed onset of muscle soreness. When I push myself to the limits of my strength and cardiovascular capability, my heartrate returns to normal in less time, and I have reduced moments of gasping for air when at my physical limits, as my body and mind are calmer, more focused and in control of the physical changes that happen during intense exercise. I regularly exceed by previous physical limitations, setting new personal bests regularly despite age-related issues.

I recommend the Neurofeedback process to anyone that would like to improve a specific area of their life, or just experience the general wellbeing that the process creates through a restful and clear mind. It will be a real life changing experience on many different levels.


Thomaston, CT

My son, Age 10, began seeing David Pavlick for Neurofeedback therapy in October 2010. He had been previously diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome as well as a few Learning Disabilities. Our goals for the therapy were decreasing/eliminating the need for ADHD medications as well as improved sleep.

Within two weeks (6 Sessions), my son was able to lay down in the evening and fall asleep in 10 minutes or less. Prior to the therapy it would take him 2-3 hours to fall asleep.

After 5 weeks (15 Sessions) we were able to take my son off of 75% of his current medications.

Ten weeks into the therapy (30 sessions) my son was taken off of the remaining medications.

The most impressive side effect of the therapy is that my son is happier than he has even been. Neurofeedback has empowered my son letting him take some control over his diagnosis that has controlled him for so long. He enjoyed the therapy, liked Mr. Pavick, and never complained about going. I would recommend seeing him for Neurofeedback therapy to anyone seeking to improve their own or their child’s life.


Torrington, CT

As you know, our daughter Georgia is autistic. She was diagnosed at age 2, and as with many autistic children, she has sensory, cognitive, and behavioral issues. We were recommended to you by our friends whose son had OCD, and because they had such a positive experience with your treatment, we were referred to you. We had done research on-line about, bio-feedback and autism, and most articles were positive, although it is not a “black and white” treatment, and considered somewhat non-traditional.

You started working with Georgia in January, 2011. As she was unable to do the brain-mapping for testing, you began treatment based upon what we needed to have Georgia work on (sleep, concentration, and ‘impulse’ issues), and we believe that the treatment was successful.

It is now April, 2011, and unfortunately, we feel that due to financial constraints, we are unable to continue treatment at this time. However, we have noticed many changes in Georgia’s behaviors since treatment began. She is now sleeping through the night (she was waking many times in the early morning hours). She has also been more “calm” when in situations that would previously caused her to be upset, and would result in negative behaviors such as screaming, or throwing herself. This “calmness” has been quite noticeable, especially at daycare, where there are multiple children of different ages, and many times the daycare is chaotic and noisy, which was a real issue for Georgia. Georgia’s concentration has also increased. She was able to increase her concentration from about 10 minutes at most to up to 25 minutes, which is an excellent stride for her.

Georgia enjoyed going to our bi-weekly appointments and became very tolerant of the bio-feedback electrodes being put on her head, which in itself was a feat, as she rarely likes her head/hair touched. This shows that she trusted you as well, which is so important for successful treatment.

In summation, we are so happy with the results from Georgia’s treatment with you. We will monitor her continued success, and will return for further treatment, if able.

Thank you, so much, for your time and dedication. We feel that the biofeedback was such a positive experience for Georgia, and believe that it has helped her, and was a truly positive experience for her.

We would be happy to speak with anyone who may have questions about biofeedback and discuss our experience.


Unionville, CT

 I found out about neurofeedback through an autism support website. It seemed interesting so I had my husband research what is neurofeedback. After researching it, my husband and I felt our 7 year-old son could benefit from it.

David Pavlick was recommended to us by a doctor as having worked with and been successful with children with autism. We met with Mr. Pavlick and he determined that what we were looking to get out of neurofeedback was not a cure but very realistic goals.

We started treatment and within 7 sessions we noticed our son’s fine motor skills improving (hence his handwriting). Within 10 sessions he wasn’t having as many “melt-downs” and was beginning to understand reasoning better.

He started a new school on August 30th 2010. He was going to a private school with no support. This began right after his 15th session. This high functioning, autistic student went from being below grade level with a separate IEP, and not meeting his IEP goals, to being a part of the regular class.

He is now able to focus 30-45 minutes at a time and is able to comprehend what is being said. His grades and participation went up. Our son went from being “below grade level” on his report cards to “meets” or “exceeds grade level”. He has made “Student of the Week” and now loves school.

On a personal note, with my son being able to learn at school, we don’t have the fighting that we had at home a year-ago. Our relationship with our son has grown. His friendships with other kids have also. He is expanding and growing and it is amazing to watch. He has become a “chatterbox” as he is excited to share everything he is learning.

We tell everyone, “Yes, we know it is expensive, but we wouldn’t change anything.” We both believe he now has a real chance for a future. Our son is a neurofeedback success and we will be keeping him on a maintenance program because we never want to go back to way we were.