Self-education: How to search for, choose, and study course materials

This section contains a list of publications on the topic of education. The materials referenced in the section have been compiled and organized into thematic sections. These publications address each of the elements of the self-education process. This will help you understand how to choose the right material and how to use it to achieve your goals.

All beginners to learn English from the very basics need the most detailed and detailed presentation possible. Programs with theoretical foundations and practical examples currently occupy a leading position.

Here, however, we want to highlight and give some tips that may be useful in the process of learning English.

Sometimes when we are faced with a difficult word that we need to memorize, it turns out that it consists of only two or three letters. Forcing yourself to think about how to pronounce it correctly is very difficult. Therefore, very often the answers to such questions go from one publication to another.

After all, memory is a very important thing, and if it weakens, you can consider that the whole structure of knowledge and skills will be destroyed. This is why it is recommended in the first place to read all kinds of compilations, where complete theoretical and practical material is given, and after studying it, move on to repetition and consolidation.

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But sometimes a situation arises where you need to understand why it is important to know a particular rule or how a word is translated. And here it is not necessary to read complicated books or textbooks. Anyone has many sources on the shelf that can be used to find the answer.

Online English and German Encyclopedia

An online cheat sheet is the easiest way to get answers to various questions that interest you. It helps you quickly determine the answer to a given assignment if you don’t understand something.

With its help, you can quickly find out which rules are given in the assignment in a similar form in English or German, as well as how to correctly pronounce a particular sound.

Also in the material registry there are very frequently asked questions, that is, those that come to the new site and have already asked them more than once. There are answers to them here.

On the site you will find very many different topics, among which are the rules of addition of English words, and the rules of finding the keys, and many others.

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