An excellent question we receive quite often is “how does psychotherapy work?”. Our individual psychotherapy in CT works by way of a one-on-one, face-to-face conversation about you, what you feel concerned about.  How you and your therapist can work together to resolve your problems and help you feel more satisfied with your life is an essential discussion you and they need to have for you to obtain the most benefit from the experience.

Psychotherapy is not always comfortable and pleasant since you will be discussing things that have been painful or even embarrassing.  A gradual step toward honesty assisted by an understanding psychotherapist makes the process beneficial and rewarding. 

What does a psychotherapist do?

There are many different viewpoints to that question.  David Pavlick and his method of operating here at Litchfield Neurofeedback is to spend a great deal of time listening before jumping to conclusions.  Taking our time to fully comprehend your dilemma is the most important element. If we can ask the right questions, the correct solutions will appear.  

Some therapists are very talkative, and some are quiet. Some are confrontational, some are less direct.  It is important that therapists comport their method to meet the needs of the person in front of them.  You need to judge whether you feel the therapist you meet with is “in tune” with you and has a grasp on your emotional needs.